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child with speech delay



Our speech therapy sessions are motivating, creative, and playful! It is our goal to help your child develop new communication skills while engaging in activities that they enjoy.


We will begin by building a relationship with your child and gathering information about their communication skills. This process helps us paint a picture of your child's strengths and challenges so that we know how to best support them! The initial evaluation may include: 

  • A parent or caregiver interview

  • Child observations

  • Play-based and informal assessments

  • Formal standardized testing

Following the evaluation, you will receive a written report with our findings and recommendations. If your child qualifies for speech-language therapy services, we will work on setting goals together and scheduling therapy sessions that work for your family! 

our approach to speech therapy

Speech therapy sessions look different for each child. Our therapists spend time getting to know your child's unique interests, strengths, and needs so that their sessions are truly motivating and effective! Activities may include:

  • Pretend play scenarios and toys

  • Arts, crafts, and storybook reading

  • Climbing, jumping, and swinging in the gym

  • Going on a scavenger hunt to find words for speech practice

Parents and caregivers are welcome to join in and participate during speech therapy! We encourage parents to stay to observe new communication strategies and ask/answer questions.

Boys working on speech sounds in the community

Speech Sound Therapy

We will motivate your child to get as many speech sound repetitions as possible during sensory play, games, crafts, scavenger hunts, competitive challenges, and seasonal play themes. You will never see your child practicing their sounds during boring flashcard drills or worksheets!


Speech therapy will help your child:

  • Build upon their speech sound inventory

  • Correctly use speech sounds in all contexts, from single words up to sentences and conversation

  • Gain confidence as they increase their speech clarity and intelligibility

Language Therapy

From young children with little to no expressive language, to preschoolers who are struggling with answering questions, all the way up to middle schoolers who find it difficult to understand complex directions and reading passages - we love building language skills! Children of all ages learn best through experiential learning, so our sessions are hands-on and tailored to address their receptive and expressive challenges.


Language therapy will help your child:

  • Understand what they hear or read

  • Improve their vocabulary and grammar skills

  • Request what they want and need from others

  • Communicate effectively in school and at home

Children in group language therapy
girls working on social communication

Autism and Social communication

Social communication therapy is for any child that may be feeling left out or having trouble making or keeping friends. Maybe they want to thrive in social situations,  learn how to effectively stand up for themselves, or tell others what they need/don't like. We use videos, social scenes, games, and social groups to work toward your child's goals in a safe and natural environment!

Social communication therapy will help your child:

  • Build confidence and develop self-advocacy skills

  • Practice and improve conversational skills

  • Navigate and solve social conflicts appropriately

  • Understand social nuances and hidden meanings in others' language

early intervention and parent coaching

Parent coaching is the most effective way to support communication development in children ages birth-3, because you are your child's most important teacher! We will guide you to interact with your child using speech and language strategies, routines based interventions, and visual supports at home. 

Early intervention and coaching sessions will help you:

  • Apply helpful language strategies during your normal everyday life activities

  • Use play, music, and daily routines to connect and communicate with your child

  • Support your child's learning through visuals, signs, and gestures 

  • Feel confident about guiding your child's communication development outside of therapy

Parent helping child with communication delay

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Dragonfly Pediatric Speech Therapy serves children in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties. We look forward to working with your family!

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